Join us Friday, September 8th at 6pm for a time of worship and prayer as we kick off our 24 hours of prayer. We desire to passionately pursue the heart of God and exalt Him an authentic and meaningful way. 

At Cross Church, you will have an opportunity to connect with God through sincere, powerful, heartfelt worship.

Each Sunday, we participate in an intentional time of worship (music and creative arts) to connect you personally with a relational God. Our heart isn’t to put on a show or to host some version of “Christian Kara-oke.” We simply believe that God wants to connect with you in an authentic and meaningful way. 

You will see some people raise their hands while others are quiet and still. It doesn’t matter to us how you worship, but that you connect to God in your own personal way. 

Also during our worship services, you are given an opportunity for life-impacting prayer. Jesus describes the Church as a House of prayer. Strong relationships require strong communication and at Cross we believe that prayer is a priority for anyone who desires to connect with God personally.

Each week there are several opportunities for life-changing prayer: 

The Prayer of Salvation– Asking Jesus Christ to be Lord and Savior of your life by accepting His love and forgiveness, repenting of sin and believing that you are adopted into His eternal family as a son or daughter.

The Prayer of Healing – We believe that our God heals! Jesus Christ provided for our healing on the cross. God wants to show up and show off in your life when we ask Him to work on our behalf.

The Prayer for Needs – We all have various needs and challenges that we go through on a weekly basis. As the service concludes, our Prayer team would love to pray with you. Scripture tells us that if you have a need, have the deacons and spiritual leaders of the church pray over you, believing with you for your miracle. This is just another time of our service that we call upon God to meet us personally. 

As you can tell, worship is so much more than a few Christian songs in a church service. Worship is a chance for you to connect with a living God in a meaningful way!